Tiborex Absolute 

the liquid extinguishing agent that is a game changer

3 phases fire extinguishing agent

Available only for fire departments or equivalents.

Layering surfaces away from fire

Cooling Effect Fine Spray Droplets that penetrate fire

TiboRex Absolute produce very fine droplets, smaller than100μm.

Oxygen Suffocation by evaporation

Due to the required enthalpy of evaporation of 2.26 MJ/kg (equivalent to 1 litre of water) energy is extracted from the burning object in a minimum of time and it cools down substantially.

Ultra Cooling through Sublimation

Layering with solid crystals that convert to gas TiboRex Absolute’s main components form crystalline structures. With the still existing combustion temperature, these solid structures change from the crystalline phase to a gaseous phase. The enormous enthalpy of evaporation (heat) required for this amounts to 7.23 MJ/kg.

Tiborex Absolute is the new era extinguishing agent.
When liquid form surpasses any other way to extinguish a fire in seconds.

Environmental friendliness

Fluorine free

  • Ecological and 100% fluorine-free extinguishing agent
  • Biodegradable
  • Nontoxic to humans and animals.

Residue monitoring and guaranteed quality

Traceable Fluorescent Additive

Residues of the extinguishing agent on the object can be identified with the help of ultraviolet light. A chemical analysis (DNA) can verify and confirm that the original TiboRex Absolute was used.


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